Are you thinking of starting a business?

Looking to be your own boss or, perhaps your spouse/partner has some really good ideas for a home business?
Whether you want to be a 'solo' consultant, start a child minding business from home or be a 'self employed' plumber, this website is packed with information to help get you started!


Starting a business

Starting a new business is rewarding. This module helps you understand your start up choices and potential sources of funding.

Business Planning

In this module we look at drafting a business plan as a management tool and to support an application for a loan or Grant.

Starting as a Sole Trader

A sole trader is self employed, runs a small business and wants to keep the administration as simple as possible.

Starting a Partnership

You’ve decided to start a partnership to formalise you business ideas and work closely with one or more colleagues.

Starting a limited company

Starting a limited company is more complicated but it can be better when you have liabilities or employ others.

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Get Inspired - Successful Start-ups

How can we help your business succeed?

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It is very important to protect your ideas - no matter what your business!

It is very important to understand and protect yourself for financial risk - no matter what your business you should consider insurance!

Check out our help page on banking and details of some common order and payment solutions (eCommerce) for online retail and shops/restaurants.

Data Protection is vital and regulations place strict controls on personal data - CUSTOMERS OWN THEIR DATA. Read about General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Cyber.

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