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Business planning helps you creating a viable and well constructed Business Plan which is essential for you to really get to grips with starting a new business.

This course is a detailed walk through business planning and how you can create an effective and powerful plan for yourself and for potential investors. However, the real strength of the business plan is to help you get your head around the complexities of your proposal and to see if it will make you enough money to live on!


Business Planning – Step one in your journey to being the ‘boss’! A great experience and a real achievement; as the song says……

‘I did it my way!’

In the course, we will help you with methods to to test your idea, reveal how to communicate things about your business and yourself as well as assess the market, the competition and the potential marketing approach which will best lead to success.

Each lesson in the course has a key points assessment and at the end of the course there is a quiz to ‘hammer home’ what you’ve learnt and to highlight lessons you may wish to repeat or points on which you might want to get help.

Don’t think that you need some sort of qualification or professional help to do you business planning – you probably don’t! Even if you do need help, starting your own plan will allow you to assess the complexities and identify the specific questions where help is needed.

Remember that Banks and many other suppliers provide business planning support and we cover some of those choices at the end of the course.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 1-2 Hours but expect to revisit - the course has 'take-away' activities which will take longer.

Difficulty: Beginner

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