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This guide is our introductory ‘course’ and provides an overview of the common aspects of starting your own business. The later follow-on courses provide more detail on the common types of businesses, basic accounting and business planning for the topics covered in this introductory course.

The course screens are set out the same way with two important sections;

  1. A main text and material section; your reading that section now;
  2. A right hand side-bar or column in which:
    • a progress bar which lets you see how far through the current course you are;
    • the course content which is provided in drop-down lesson headings.

Starting your business‘ is free and you don’t have to register, though it is easy to do so. When you are registered for access to the follow-on courses, you will get the full course progress and ‘student’ experience. As a registered ‘student’, at the end of each course there is a short quiz to check your understanding. Some of the courses have downloadable material or links to other useful sites.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 40 minutes - 1.5 hours. The introduction is a lead-in for the later courses.

Difficulty: Beginner



This is a free course with access to all.

Types of small business

The importance of business planning

Funding your start-up

Getting your business going

Ready to start your business planning?

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