An interactive tool to test your understanding of financial services and your risk appetite. Get a personalised report to help you play to your strengths.

The Equals Auto-Business Planner provides market and competition data for your business and chosen region directly into your business plan.

Starting as a Sole Trader

A sole trader is self employed, runs a small business and wants to keep the administration as simple as possible.

Starting a Partnership

You’ve decided to start a partnership to formalise you business ideas and work closely with one or more colleagues.

Starting a limited company

Starting a limited company is more complicated but it can be better when you have liabilities or employ others.

Starting a business

Starting a new business is rewarding. This module helps you understand your start up choices and potential sources of funding.

Small business accounting

Small and “Micro” businesses do not need to report complex accounts. This module helps you understand how to do simple accounts.

Business Planning

In this module we look at drafting a business plan as a management tool and to support an application for a loan or Grant.