What do veterans & millennials have in common?

What do veterans & millennials have in common?

There are 2 things that military, veterans and millennials have in common – false public perceptions and negative tags.

Here at Services Family, we aren’t huge fans of labels – our business is focused on understanding our customers as individuals and treating them uniquely. However, the recent success of the British Army’s recruitment campaign targeting “snowflakes”, “selfie-addicts” and “phone zombies” got us thinking about the positive attributes applied to certain generations and the similarities between them.

Let’s be clear – many millennials are already part of the Services Family and some are already veterans.

Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe are widely credited with coining the generational term, and although their work has attracted some criticism – millennials are apparently the generation least likely to self-identify with their generational label – the positive values they ascribe include confident, achieving and team-oriented. All terms widely used to describe the armed forces and the public sector.

Recalling our time in the forces, we can see valid comparisons between our military cohorts and the millennials we’ve encountered on the road to starting equals. Programmes like NatWest Boost have helped bring a diverse range of people together with a common bond of starting their own business. We’ve picked up on their enthusiasm and hopefully helped pass on some of our experiences of leadership and strategy from the military.

While it would be easy to focus on the negative traits ascribed to millennials, and the differences drawn in conclusion, we are with the British Army on this one. They’ve spotted the talent on offer and tackled the challenge of communicating in a new way to approach recruitment of the up and coming generations.

But whether you’re a millennial, baby boomer, generation X/Y/Z or anything in between – if you have a business and want to talk about your insurance needs for your venture, we’ve got you covered.

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