Frightened of change? There are scientific reasons why change makes people nervous

Frightened of change? There are scientific reasons why change makes people nervous

Change, alongside death and taxes, is certain. Change is not necessarily good or bad in of itself, but even when positive it can lead to people experiencing negative emotions.

Humans thrive with routines – we create them to provide order, to organise ourselves, to feel safe, secure and in control. Change means adjusting to something new and it disrupts these routines. This can lead to fear, worry, stress and anxiety. It might not be one single change, but a series of small pressures can easily build up. Changes in our lives, when combined with biological factors, can affect different people in different ways.

Like all certainties in life, change can be adapted to and managed. Likewise, the negative emotions caused by change can also be overcome. If anxiety as a result of stress is ultimately the fear of the unknown, there are a few principles from our experiences in the military (though not exclusively!) that we can use to help deal with change:

  • Understanding – the more you understand the situation or the context, the more insight and foresight you have for effective decision-making. Do your research!
  • Planning – when you understand the context and need for change proactive rather than reactive responses and plans can be developed to ease anxiety. Get organised!
  • Embrace change – this encourages development because things get worse if they are ignored. We live in an dynamic world and so doubt and uncertainty is, well just normal and cannot be overcome – only embraced. These emotions will always be present. Learn to act!

At Services Family Ltd we embrace change – we understand our customers are undergoing changes and we want to be part of your positive effort to move forward. We serve those who serve.