Keyless Entry Vehicle Risks

landrover on a road

Does your car have a keyless entry system?

Recently, one of my neighbours had their car taken from the front of their house at night. The thieves did this by cloning the key fob signal while the fob was in the hallway! Keyless entry vehicle risks are increasing say car insurers.

Modern mobile and connected technology increases our security risks. Car manufacturers build cars to be easy to use and security is often compromised slightly to improve your convenience.  Keyless car systems being ‘hacked’ and cars being stolen is increasing and you can read it in the news.

Thieves get cloning or amplifying technology online. The gadgets fool your keyless entry system into thinking that the key is nearby when its still in your house. Therefore, thieves can use it to open the doors to allow things to be stolen or, if a clone is made, allow the car to be driven off.

As keyless entry becomes more common and provides a new level of convenience for drivers, the risks are going to escalate from the higher-end vehicles to more common family cars.

How can you help prevent a theft?

Experts say that you can avoid this happening. The easiest way keep your key fob safe is to store it in a metalized pouch when not in use. These pouches and other secure holders are inexpensive online. You can even make your own with a bit of silver foil or use a metal tin for storing your key fobs. Our experience with similar pouches for phone security at work is that they are easy to manage and do work.

Do you face keyless entry vehicle risks?

To learn more about this new and increasing risk then read this helpful article by Association of British Insurers about avoiding keyless car theft.