Bouncing back? Homeworking? Have you got a safety-net?

man falling into safety net

We live in unprecedented times and share many challenges while ‘bouncing back’ on the ‘business battleground’ – Have you got an insurance safety net?

As Veterans, experience in uncertainty and risk management led to Services Family Ltd’s focus to support all small businesses and homeworkers.

Home or mobile working, whether as an employee or a business, brings additional challenges and opportunities, potentially with a better work-life balance.

Succeeding on this uncertain ‘battleground’ will mean adapting to the ‘new normal’. This requires being aware of your risks.

There are several important risk areas to consider in homeworking; IT, stock and equipment, employees, and data security.

Also, cyber threats will become a permanent threat to homeworking businesses where scammers are increasingly active.

Regardless of size or sector, your business resilience and homeworking might be improved by reviewing your insurance needs.

Professional Indemnity and Product cover will help to protect your business from customer claims and Employee Liability is mandatory for full or part-time employees, no matter how remote.

Think carefully about your needs, to ensure that you are neither over nor under insured and consider home insurance limitations. A change in employee numbers, stock or turnover will typically impact your premium, and it might be worth considering a ‘mid-term adjustment’ on your current policy. Some products, like our partner’s Professional Indemnity policy, offer flexible cover periods which might suit freelancers. Shop around!

We offer online blogs to help small businesses and sole traders better understand insurance as a ‘safety net’.