General Liability Insurance

man fallen off home steps

What is General Liability Insurance and what is it for?

General, or Public, Liability insurance protects you when you are held legally responsible to compensate for harm done to others.

While at work, you are covered by your business insurance or your Employer’s Liability policy for public risks.

Outside of work, are you (and your family) protected?

General liability insurance protects you and your family financially.

If you injure someone accidentally, damage someones property or someone is hurt in your home, your insurance protects you.

In the worst case, you could face expensive legal bills and even a court case costing potentially millions.

You don’t have to have General Liability insurance, but it is well worth considering especially combined with Legal Expenses Cover (see our previous post).

Some policies cover just the person named. If you have a partner or a family, they will not be insured!

Family polices usually extend to cover even your adult children, if they are still living with you or in education.

Usually civilian Home and Contents policies include at least £3m of liability cover and extend that to your family. However, that is not always the case with some specialist covers – like Military Kit & Contents.

You need to make sure you have the right level and scope in your policy to cover your needs.

Find it confusing when trying to understand a policy?

You are not alone, and that is why the law says every Insurer must summarise the key facts of their Home & Contents policy. This is in a set format in a Insurance Policy Information Document or “IPID”. Here is an example.

Find out more about the Services Family in ‘about us’ or, if you are UK Armed Forces and live in MoD accommodation go straight to our dedicated Military Kit and Contents quote page