Gadgets – part of our lives but easy to damage or lose.

broken gadget insurance needed

But also, gadget insurance is easy to get!

When compared to our parents, the biggest change to our lives is in the use of technology and the type of “stuff” we use daily. Often the last thing we think about is gadget insurance and what we’d do without them.

Whether it is a smart watch, a camera, a laptop or tablet, or a smartphone, we use tech that is;

  • Fully portable,
  • Easily lost or accidentally broken or even,
  • Stolen as highly desirable items.

Busy lives and ease of travel have increased the risk of a loss of our expensive, essential kit.

Can you afford to just replace a lost or damaged item?

If not, insurance might be your best solution! Gadget insurance is common and easily purchased. Four quick checks and things to think about:

  • Bought on your credit card? There might be some automatic cover for a period – often about 30 days. This can give you time to find the right insurance.
  • If you’re buying new, then you can usually pay extra for a repair warranty and insurance. It is not necessarily the right or best deal! Read the small print – is it worldwide, cover calls, screen breakage etc? Early cancellation fees or a single item restriction often apply.
  • Switching your banking current account to one which provides cost effective mobile and travel insurance for less than the price of the gadget and your travel insurance policies. One example is Nationwide but there are many more provided by the high street banks.
  • Your Home and Contents Insurance Policy may cover gadgets. Check the ‘definition section’; also, check the policy wording (the full wording not the summary of cover) to see if the cover is what you need.

Remember. If your gadget is used as a piece of “business equipment” (a work lap-top for example) then your home & contents insurance is unlikely to provide cover if your business bought it. If you bought it personally then the policy may only cover the UK or Europe.

What Does Gadget Insurance usually cover?

Normally insurance will cover:

  • Theft – you will have to show a police report.
  • Mechanical Breakdown – not necessarily a virus attack.
  • Accidental damage – including liquid damage or a cracked screen.
  • Loss – the option to have cover for loss.
  • Worldwide – most specialist policies will give global coverage.

Usually, losses will only be paid up to the value you declared in the policy and there will be an “excess” usually around £50-£100.

What is not usually covered?

  • Damage occurring before the policy begins.
  • Gadgets not listed on the policy (this might not matter if it is below a policy threshold value)
  • If it is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You have not taken ‘all reasonable care’ of the item.
  • The damage is cosmetic and doesn’t affect its use.
  • The contents on your gadget like photos music etc


Gadget insurance is rarely available on older items, if you bought them second hand or for refurbished gadgets.

The Service Family’s Gadget Insurance Partner

Our partners Tinhat provide cover for gadget(s) if less than 1 year old, purchased in the UK as new, or if refurbished, purchased with a full 12-month warranty. Their policy covers all your gadgets for theft, accidental damage, breakdown for mobiles phones, tablets and smartwatches and accidental loss. It is not a replacement as new policy and your gadget will be repaired, if possible, and replaced with a like-for-like refurbished model. Get cover or a quote online for your gadget insurance.