Armed Forces Home Insurance

armed forces home insurance

Mass produced home and contents insurance never fits armed forces lifestyles.

At Services Family Insurance, we have launched a new policy for the unique military lifestyle!

A policy that moves with our Armed Forces personnel!

When civilians move home they must buy a new policy to cover the new house and the location impacts the price.

But for Service personnel mobility is the norm and they often move between MoD provided accommodation both in the UK and abroad.

As some of our staff have experienced the shortfalls of civilian policies, Services Family have created a policy that moves with our Armed Forces personnel across MoD accommodation, saving our ‘heroes’ hassle and money!

Are military personnel in MoD accommodation ordinary tenants? No!

Single personnel living in blocks, the Mess and families in Married Quarters are different. The MoD mandates specific cover for families in a Licence To Occupy (LTO) provided by the MoD. Single personnel are not normally required to sign a similar agreement.

A LTO is different to a ‘tenancy agreement’.

An LTO insurance policy covers the damage to the building including walls, floors, bathroom ware, fitted kitchens, carpets, MoD furniture and white goods just like a civilian tenancy policy. But…

A civilian tenant would normally have to pay for damage even if not their fault but, military personnel do not.

Also, LTO has a limit in liability to the MoD. Civilian buildings insurance cover is usually only available for homeowners and varies based on the type of house, its construction and the rebuild costs. In Service accommodation, these are the responsibility of the MoD and LTO cover is therefore a specialist product or option.

Contents and Kit

Insuring your possessions is a choice but a wise choice. Unlike a civilian policy, a military policy needs to cover additional ‘military’ risks worldwide.

Military kit and “travel” is not always for a holiday!

Most civilian policies will only cover certain types of events and offer optional accidental damage. Accidental damage is included in some civilian policies, but few will cover possessions on deployment to Afghanistan!

We understand that Service personnel have responsibility for kit issued to them and their personal possessions on deployment and so we can cover that!

Military parents not only need insurance that extends to their family at university but also to one of the parents away on temporary or separated duty for prolonged periods.

This doesn’t fit easily into a standard civilian policy and needs to feature in policies for our Armed Forces.

For additional family protection, Liability cover (protection if sued) and Legal expenses cover (need a lawyer?) is useful for everybody.  Rather than providing this cover as an extra cover, we have included it.

A new ‘gold standard’?

At Services Family, we’ve tried to manufacture an insurance product that sets a new ‘gold standard’ for our Armed Forces.

This flexible policy which moves with them across the MoD estate and substitute accommodation. The policy that addresses their sometimes complex family circumstances and lifestyles.

In addition, partners or spouses may, with permission, run a business from MoD accommodation. Clerical business equipment is often insured on a contents policy and we offer additional policies for small home-businesses. To help, we provide a discount to support our Armed Forces.

Could you or your business do something to support the Armed Forces or other members of the Services Family?

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